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Intoducing Hurley & Hurley Legal Services

Hurley & Hurley Legal Services are available to meet your needs now! 4 years legal secretary experience with the Arizona Attorney General’s office. A licensed Private Investigator on Staff. Complex Discovery and Litigation. If you are up against the new (MIDR) Arizona District Court Mandatory Initial Discovery rules and face severe sanctions, let us help you. We have 20 years’ experience managing servers, converting data formats, whether you need to search voice, video, email, or terabytes of incoherent data, we can make it manageable and turn that information into power! We have the expertise and tools to perform discovery faster, more securely and for less cost than your firm can do it internally. Facing email analysis? Let us automate it!



How we Research a Legal Issue How we help you Plead

Whether the case is Civil, Criminal, Class action. We work all over Arizona, Maricopa Superior Court, Arizona Federal District Court. Pinal County Superior Court. Arizona Court of Appeals Divisions I and II, The Arizona Supreme Court. 9th Circuit Court od Appeals. We use Bryan Garner's works on Grammar and legal writing. If you are charged with a crime, let us help you find the right attorney. DUI, Domestic Violence, we work with the best litigators in Arizona. Need a Real Estate Contract? Have a landlord problem? Need someone with the skill and experience to protect your interest for a real estate investment? Is a company stealing your time and money and refusing to pay because they are big and you are small. Hurley & Hurley will make sure your case is attorney ready.



What we provide at Trial

30 years managing information, managing Databases and servers. Voice, Video, automated and custom search. We will help you choose the information format you will need to win your case. Our researchers and private investigator uncover what you need to win. We can give a small law firm the advantage over the big multinational company. If you are responsible to partners, shareholders, trustees we can protect your interests. Do you have a civil RICO case? Do you have an administrative appeal? Is the statute of limitations slipping away and you cant find anyone to represent you? fill out our form and we will guide you forward.



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